Saturday, September 3, 2011

what's an 'internet'? introducing myself to the blog world

hello. my name is anthony

To introduce myself to the world of blogging, i am going to ask anyone who reads this to visit one of the following 2 pages or both: work / life ! These pages should give you (at least) a snapshot of what i am about. I love the idea of a 'work-life balance' but i feel that, attached to this phrase, there is an element of deceit – to me it sounds like 50% of your time should be spent working and the rest spent enjoying life outside of work. I believe that what you enjoy in 'life' plays a huge role in what you choose to do at 'work' and i want to clarify now that these pages are meant to be complementary and not mutually exclusive. It can be easy for people to create a disconnect between work and outside-of-work activities, emerging with what could be considered 2 personalities (disclaimer: i do recommend certain behaviours for professional settings, so don't go to work in Hawaiian shirts and Birkenstocks every day of the week, but don't become a totally different person every time you walk into the office!). I have started down this road with one personality that i love. I have maintained a professional approach to work while also making sure not to take myself too seriously. I plan to keep it that way whether i am in an office building, camping in the middle of a forest, or 'gettin' educated' at the University of Toronto where i am a commerce student.
I am the kind of guy that doesn’t like to fit into one definitive statement / activity / lifestyle/ etc. I enjoy new experiences, learning, exploring, and having a good time while I’m at it. I want this blog to be a reflection of that so don’t come here expecting only to read about my take on the newest and coolest marketing campaigns by American Express or Coke or to hear only about my adventures into the great outdoors. There will be a mix of everything on here and I assure you that i do not plan to write about mediocre or boring experiences (this blog will not be restricted to text either! Images and videos will be embraced too). I want to let you in on some of the things in my life and the world around me that i think are worth talking about and i hope you will enjoy hearing about them as much as I enjoy experiencing them – maybe in the near future we can experience some of these things together!

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